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29 Jul

20+ Free CSS3 Code Generators

One of the biggest problems with all the new CSS3 properties is that most of them have multiple browser-specific implementations. This means when you want a simple shadow, you have to remember quite a bit of code to make it compatible across as many browsers as possible. To help you out with this task, a [...]

27 Jul

Realistic illustration in Adobe Photoshop

I found this very interesting tutorial, and although it is written for advanced users who already have a general understanding of the tools and techniques commonly used in Photoshop, I still wanted to share it with everybody. Enjoy it!! The Final Image -  This is what we will be creating: Step 1: Setting Up the [...]

26 Jul

Explain users how to navigate our website

Touration is an application that empowers us to design tours of any website in order to offer them to users as an interactive guide. After adding the needed script in our site, we could use this simple and friendly editor with which we could include text and frames in key sections of our site, letting [...]

23 Jul

…but isnt Social Media just Facebook?

Source: – http://bit.ly/cm3Rda  by @SocialMediaWF One of the most common and repetitive questions I get asked when I tell people what I do is “What is Social Media?”. I love nothing more than the challenge of converting someones thinking from “but isn’t that just Facebook?” to “Oh, we need Social Media for our business”. So [...]

21 Jul

Resource to check a Website before publishing it.

Launchlist is a simple online application that helps us check on a website functionality before publishing it. It is a verification list that could be distributed among the memebers of the team counting with enough information, naturally, allowing us to test it altogether. This is, beyond any doubt, a priceless element to keep in mind. [...]

20 Jul

Breadcrumb in WP

How do I add Breadcrumbs in my blog? Luckily, there are many ways to do it. But today I will take the time to explain only 3 of them: By using the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin (You can see more Plugins Here). By using a very interesting WordPress function. By means of a little coding. Breadcrumb [...]