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31 Aug

the BlogDay Post

My 5 recommended blogs to celebrate the 5th Blog Day! > [http://www.blogday.org ] http://analauramillantraductora.blogspot.com/ http://novicetranslators.blogspot.com/ http://www.atlargeinc.com/blog http://translators-resource-center.blogspot.com/ http://abduzeedo.com/ I wish a great success to all of them!

31 Aug

Playing with Vectors in Illustrator

In this opportunity, I will quote Fabio Sasso”s work. I think he did an outsanding vector work in illustrator that I cant fail to share with all of you. Thanks for sharing Fabio, here is my acknowledgement to you! Ready to follow this tutorial?  Go!… Step 1 Create a new document in Illustrator, I”m using [...]

30 Aug

A Collection of Mini Icon Sets

Hi everyone! Once again, I was wandering (and wondering) around many blogs and forums trying to switch my mind on after the weekend break (always a hard task to come back to reality after weekends…) and I found a fascinating post that I wanted to share with you since it””s  a very useful contribution to [...]

27 Aug

WordPress SEO…

A very important issue to keep in mind for all of us who are so related to Blogs and Websites and everything that””s Internet, is undoubtly SEO. This is an everyday fact that determines out lives so much!… after all, arent all of us tied to such things as “Google analytics” trying to figure out [...]

26 Aug

AJAX – and Javascript Solutions For Professional Coding

Today I got a little “techie” and got lost in the Ajax world… I found AMAZING posts as always, but since I had to choose, here I bring one of the most complete posts I read on the issue. Let”s all thank Sven Lennartz for this awesome compilation. Source: http://bit.ly/4bpo 60 More AJAX – and [...]

25 Aug

HTML5 differences from HTML4

As much as it may call your attention, this is a very controversial topic on which I was willing to reach a middle ground. Many people told me there are no differences but for some new tags and others told me it””s a bright new product. Since it””s in my inquisitive nature… I couldnt help [...]