13 Oct

Flash Player 10: Drawing API — Part III

Now, to finish with Methods and get straight to Data Classes, let me introduce that last item… Source: http://bit.ly/yMloW Drawing Triangles Along with the new drawPath method comes another addition to the Graphics class, the drawTriangles method. public function drawTriangles(vertices:Vector.<Number>, indices:Vector.<int>=null, uvtData:Vector.<Number>=null, culling:String=”none”); This method is somewhat similar to drawPath in that it too uses [...]

13 Oct

Flash Player 10: Drawing API — Part II

In order to finish the item we left unfinished in the last post, here I present you the third parameter: winding… Again, enjoy the post! Source: http://bit.ly/yMloW winding The third parameter in drawPath, not used here, is the winding parameter. This is a string that specifies the winding or fill rule for intersecting or overlapping [...]