18 Oct

Interview with Artist Jurryt Visser: Pixel vs. Vector Mixmaster

I found this interview which I consider to be really interesting. I must confess I didnt know the artist by the time I read it and now I became an addict of his work that”s why I wanted to share this interview with all of you. Enjoy! Source: http://bit.ly/bACWMn I introduced Jurryt a couple of [...]

18 Oct

Awesome XML and Action Script 3 Image / Swf Gallery

Learn to Progam an Actionscript 3 XML Gallery Compatible with Flash CS3 This 2 hour Quicktime tutorial for Flash will teach you the Actionscript 3 Code to load an XML File, which will bring thumbnails into a scrollable pane. Thumbnails then link to corresponding images or swfs which load into the main area of the [...]