03 Jan

You want to create a font?…

So you’re a brilliant designer, a master calligrapher, and you’ve learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning. Now you want to create your own font. (What! You haven’t learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning? Well, make sure you read all of the articles on iLT before you embark on font creation! You’ll need all [...]

03 Dec

A Guide to creating 3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

By Tyler Denis Source: http://bit.ly/d32lM2 It isn’t always necessary to use a 3D program to create 3D text — they’re expensive and overkill if you just occasionally use 3D elements. Adobe Illustrator is more than adequate in allowing us to create some 3D objects with some basic shading for our text. In this tutorial, we [...]

16 Nov

Water Text in Pixelmator

Source: http://bit.ly/cg6Brd Author: Fabio Sasso In this tutorial, I will show you how to create text with water effects. To do this, we will use some stock photos with masks and image adjustments. I will also show you how to create bevels using Pixelmator. Step 1 Open Pixelmator and create a new document. I used [...]

03 Nov

10 Steps To Taking Your Own Simple Stock Photos

Is this the best tip you can ever had or what?… Let”s start getting pictures! Thanks John O’Nolan!! Source: http://bit.ly/cT7C0o 10 Steps To Taking Your Own Simple Stock Photos Bad stock photography is a cliché, there’s nothing worse than going to an “about us” page and seeing a bunch of people in suits with telephone [...]

29 Oct

Peeling a Hand in Photoshop

Hi there all! I found this awesome post today and I was amazed, so naturally, I wanted to share it with all of you… Enjoy! Source: http://bit.ly/TtjE Today we’re going to demonstrate how to peel a hand in Photoshop. You can use this technique to peel other objects of course. This is the final image [...]

26 Oct

When A Thousand Words Is Worth A Picture

Good design speaks for itself, right? Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Most of us don’t have the privilege of designing for ourselves; we design for clients, clients who have their own taste and ideas, clients who ultimately need to be persuaded on why we’ve made certain decisions. Good design doesn’t speak for itself; it [...]