27 Dec

10 Things to do After Installing WordPress

The WordPress 5-minute install is great, nothing complicated about getting your blog up and running (most of the time). But once you install WordPress there are a number of other steps that you need to take in order to get the most from your blog. Use the following as a to-do checklist for your future [...]

23 Nov

Fantastic New File Transfer Site

Source: http://bit.ly/fUyz2u Author: Bernardo Carvalho Thanks for sharing Bernardo!… We love companies that help our everyday lives: WeTransfer have launched a beautiful easy-to-use file transfer service. As creative designers, we often need to send large files to our clients and colleagues. This service features 2GB allowance, 2 weeks availability, 20 receivers for downloads and its FREE without [...]

03 Nov

10 Steps To Taking Your Own Simple Stock Photos

Is this the best tip you can ever had or what?… Let”s start getting pictures! Thanks John O’Nolan!! Source: http://bit.ly/cT7C0o 10 Steps To Taking Your Own Simple Stock Photos Bad stock photography is a cliché, there’s nothing worse than going to an “about us” page and seeing a bunch of people in suits with telephone [...]

18 Oct

Interview with Artist Jurryt Visser: Pixel vs. Vector Mixmaster

I found this interview which I consider to be really interesting. I must confess I didnt know the artist by the time I read it and now I became an addict of his work that”s why I wanted to share this interview with all of you. Enjoy! Source: http://bit.ly/bACWMn I introduced Jurryt a couple of [...]

28 Sep

Stationery and BC designed by 4r

Today I am feeling a little show off again, so I will definetly share my proud with you. Here there is a new delivery of home-made Stationery and Business cards… I will hold my breath for your comments, so don””t be shy!

22 Sep

Beware the tabnapper

There’s a new kind of phishing attack around that’s ready to dupe unsuspecting web users into handing over their precious login credentials. Firefox Creative Lead Aza Raskin has identified an attack that works first by detecting the tab that the attack is in does not have focus and has been left unused for some time. [...]