23 Sep

How to Use Twitter HashTags #?

Hashtags signify that a Tweet belongs to a particular conversation on Twitter. Like tags on Flickr or blogs, hashtags group Tweets together, even if the Tweeters are not in the same network. By organizing tweets around a hashtag, users following and participating in a conversation can find all Tweets about that subject by searching. To [...]

01 Sep

Social Media Terms Glossary

In spite of the outsanding and increasing popularity of  Social Media, there many groups of people who are still wondering what is it for, what is the big deal with it,  how it works, and more importantly, what does every single word used in social media means? So, here I leave you with a very [...]

30 Aug

A Collection of Mini Icon Sets

Hi everyone! Once again, I was wandering (and wondering) around many blogs and forums trying to switch my mind on after the weekend break (always a hard task to come back to reality after weekends…) and I found a fascinating post that I wanted to share with you since it””s  a very useful contribution to [...]

24 Aug

Getting People to Like You

Once again… Thanks at Large Inc. for this excellent post! Author: Anna Moorefield Source: http://www.atlargeinc.com/blog/2010/08/18/getting-people-to-like-you/ No, this is not a self-help post (in the strictest sense). I’m referring to Facebook’s Like function, and how to make the most of it. While in the days of yore Facebook users could Like only the wall posts of [...]

20 Aug

Why The Web Is Becoming Less Social

As always, Jeff Bullas [ http://bit.ly/9MZUDh ] offers great posts to all of us who are always craving for the last updates. Here is some interesting contribution on Human and Non-Human Social Media interaction… Thanks Jeff!! Why The Web Is Becoming Less Social The web today is continuing to grow at an astonishing rate and [...]

23 Jul

…but isnt Social Media just Facebook?

Source: – http://bit.ly/cm3Rda  by @SocialMediaWF One of the most common and repetitive questions I get asked when I tell people what I do is “What is Social Media?”. I love nothing more than the challenge of converting someones thinking from “but isn’t that just Facebook?” to “Oh, we need Social Media for our business”. So [...]